Dallas Cowboys allegedly offered Dak Prescott $35 million

Is there finally an agreement between the Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott? Apparently the franchise has raised the offer for their quarterback again.

Is there still a happy ending between the Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott? The franchise had given their quarterback the exclusive franchise day when the Free Agency was launched.

This will keep Prescott in business for a year for $33 million guaranteed salary. Now, players are not fans of franchise or transition tags, and the cowboys also want to keep the 26-year-old for the long term, but were unable to reach an agreement in the negotiations.

Agreement in sight
Both parties now theoretically have until 15 July to reach a new deal. And it appears that there is indeed land, or rather, an agreement in sight.

Among other things “Sports Illustrated” reports that the cowboys have increased their offer: Prescott is to be given a four-year contract that would give him $35 million a year.

Which would see him rise from the Seattle Seahawks to the top earner in the league, along with Russell Wilson. In total, it would be at least 107 million dollars in guaranteed salary.

The sporting arguments are definitely on his side in the negotiations: Prescott looks back on a 2019 season in which he was able to achieve the best results of his NFL career to date.

In total, Prescott provided 4,902 passing yards and with 8.2 yards of space gain per throw, he set another best score. He also scored 30 touchdowns.

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