Philadelphia Eagles: A.J. Brown nearly hit by car during charity bike ride

Wide receiver A.J. Brown of the Philadelphia Eagles was almost hit by a car during a charity bike ride. A motorist had run a stop sign.

Philadelphia wide receiver A.J. Brown got very lucky while participating in a charity bike ride to benefit people with autism.

The 25-year-old was nearly hit by a car during the bike ride, according to an Instagram Live video, among other things.

Car driver disregards stop sign

As Brown approached an intersection, a motorist apparently disregarded a stop sign, nearly causing a collision with the NFL star.

In the video, Brown’s phone is seen suddenly flipping upside down over the Instagram live video because he unceremoniously dropped his phone in the just-avoided collision.

Brown himself was fortunately uninjured in the near-collision, checking in via Twitter shortly afterwards to give the all-clear. “I’m fine. Someone ran the stop sign. I didn’t fall off my bike, I just dropped my phone and swerved,” he tweeted.

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