Jalen Hurts poised for contract extension with Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles are in the Super Bowl. They have quarterback Jalen Hurts to thank for that. Now the Eagles’ decision-makers are holding out the prospect of a big contract for their quarterback.

Before the season, there were a lot of questions surrounding Jalen Hurts. Can he develop his passing game? Can he deliver in the important moments? Can he lead a team into and through the playoffs?

The 24-year-old has answered “yes” to all of these questions this season. Accordingly, the Philadelphia Eagles are confident they have found their franchise quarterback.

Mega contract for Hurts? Lurie hints at it

Anyway, Eagles CEO Jeffrey Lurie shared that. “Jalen is exactly what we’ve been looking for,” the general manager said on “ESPN” in response to questions about a contract extension coming this summer for the 2020 second-round pick.

“Anyway, he doesn’t have to prove anything to us anymore. He’s played at an MVP level and he’s already a great leader of our team,” Lurie enthused. “He’s only 24, extremely mature and, most importantly, he’s getting better. What we’re seeing from him right now is just the beginning,” the 71-year-old announced.

However, he does not want to rush into anything. Asked when contract negotiations would start, Lurie replied with a twinkle in his eye: “Not this week, anyway.”

In the coming season, Hurts will earn 4.2 million dollars, in 2024 he would be a free agent. Experts expect him to exceed the value of Kyler Murray’s contract ($230 million total).

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