Arizona Cardinals: J.J. Watt in action after atrial fibrillation and heart ‘reboot’

Football star J.J. Watt is in the spotlight due to his health. The Cardinals star is skating in the NFL just three days after having his heart “rebooted” due to atrial fibrillation

Cologne – As J.J. Watt recounted his experience, his lower lip trembled, the football star repeatedly paused and struggled for words. “I’m glad I’m here,” Watt said after playing for the Arizona Cardinals, although his heart rhythm had been restored by electric shock only three days earlier due to atrial fibrillation.

His week was “strange” and “hard”, the NFL pro said. Normally Watt looks at ultrasound images of their son with his pregnant wife, but now it was a matter of studying heart images. “Our baby is on the way. It’s been a very emotional week for my family, for my wife, for myself,” Watt said.

On Wednesday, the 33-year-old, three times the best defensive player in the professional league, had felt unwell and sought treatment. The following day, the organ “reset” took place. “I spoke to cardiologists and electrophysiologists from all over the country. I was assured several times that there was nothing else they could do and I could play as usual,” Watt said. So he lined up in the duel with the Carolina Panthers in Charlotte, recorded three tackles and picked up a 26-16 win.

Watt wanted to keep intervention a secret

“I probably would have been more uncomfortable at home on my couch,” Watt said. After getting the OK from the medics, he said, it was clear he would play instead of watching his boys on TV.

What remains after the “scary number” is great uncertainty. According to Watt, such an arrhythmia can “happen again the next day” or “never again for the next 20 years”. When asked why it had happened, he had not received an answer several times.

Watt had tried to keep the procedure a secret, but it did come out. That’s why the NFL pro put out a tweet on Sunday before the game.

“I was just told that someone revealed some personal information about me and it’s being reported,” Watt wrote. “I had atrial fibrillation on Wednesday, my heart was put back into rhythm on Thursday and I’m playing today. That’s all. “

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