NFL: New logo of the Los Angeles Rams obviously leaked: Fans are angry

The Los Angeles Rams will have a new logo next season. Officially it is not presented, but a picture makes the rounds, which makes many fans angry.

New year, new logo. Next NFL season, the Los Angeles Rams will have a new crest. The franchise has not yet officially introduced it. But NFL insider Charles Robinson shares a picture of a cap, where the alleged new logo can be seen. Strikingly, it strongly reminds of the LA Chargers.

It is precisely this similarity that is clearly criticised. Ex Colts punter Pat McAfee wrote about the picture: “I think it looks more like the Chargers than the Rams logo. Am I wrong?” Many Rams fans simply find the alleged logo embarrassing or still can’t believe that the coat of arms will soon look like that.

On Twitter the franchise has so far only published a short video where the old logo is already being removed. When the new crest will be presented is still open.

3 years ago
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