Cam Newton plans comeback: Appearance at ex-college pro day.

Cam Newton is apparently planning a comeback to the NFL. The 33-year-old made the announcement on social media. He plans to convince scouts of his worth once again at his former college Auburn’s Pro Day.

Cam Newton wants to do it again.

After failing to land a job in the NFL in 2022, the 33-year-old is planning a comeback. He made the announcement on his social media accounts. He wants to compete at the Pro Day of the Auburn Tigers, the team with which he won the Heisman Trophy in 2009.

Cam confident: “How do these randoms still get jobs? “

Newton posted a 54-second clip announcing his participation. “Please tell me how these ‘randoms’ are still getting jobs?” he began the video.

“I’m going to show you guys. I can’t wait to show you,” Newton said with his usual confidence. The clip features edited-together throws from Newton in a training gym.

Newton’s final words in the video: “There’s definitely no 32 motherf***** better than me.” The Tigers’ Pro Day takes place earlier today, Tuesday.

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