Because of Corona: NFL closes all team facilities

In the fight against Corona, the NFL has urged its clubs to close all team facilities. Only a small group of employees will be allowed to enter the buildings.

In the fight against the spread of the corona virus, the NFL has ordered its clubs to close all team facilities. That sounds like measures to be taken in case of a lockout.

But at the same time the league wants to ensure that the work of the 32 franchises can continue. The exact instructions were published by “ESPN” reporter Adam Schefter, who tweeted the NFL letter.

NFL facilities will be closed until April 8
The rules should ensure that “all clubs operate under the same conditions and that the NFL continues to behave responsibly during this time,” said Commissioner Roger Goodell. In doing so, the league boss is alluding to the different regulations in the states during the corona crisis.

The measures will initially remain in place until April 8. Until then, it is to be examined whether the restrictions can be relaxed or whether longer closures will be necessary.

From Wednesday only medical personnel allowed
All NFL clubs had previously banned their players from entering the grounds unless medical treatment – such as rehab – was required. However, most teams still had a limited number of staff in their offices.

As of Wednesday evening (local time), only medical staff – such as athletic coaches and doctors – and security personnel will be allowed to enter the grounds. Employees who ensure the technical requirements for operational capability will also continue to be admitted.

No public events around the draft
The teams may continue to sign players, continue the usual draft preparations, take care of ticket sales and do other things necessary to prepare for the new season.

“The challenges we face are huge – most companies and individuals in this country feel the same way,” said Goodell, who assured the NFL is well positioned to make these necessary changes.

The fans and the whole country will be offered an extraordinary 2020 season. The coronavirus is not expected to change that.

The draft is scheduled to be held on April 23rd and 24th, but all public events around the annual talent distribution are cancelled.

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