New York Jets: Zach Wilson has apologised to his team

The Zach Wilson era with the New York Jets is over for the time being. He will not be active in the game against the Chicago Bears. The reason for this is not only the poor performance, but also his disagreement in front of the media. The playmaker has now apologised for this.

Munich/East Rutherford – It was a medium bang that went through the Meadowlands on Wednesday.

Unsurprisingly to many, New York Jets head coach Robert Saleh announced that Zach Wilson would not be the starting quarterback against the Chicago Bears.

The reason for this was not only his subterranean performance in the 3:10 against the New England Patriots, but also his lack of insight to take responsibility for the defeat. Not only in front of the team, but even in front of the press. When asked if he had let his defence down by scoring only three points, he almost rebelliously said “no”. For this, the playmaker has now apologised to his team.

Wilson: “Felt bad “

He revealed at a media roundtable after the decision was announced. “I felt bad about the turmoil I caused,” Wilson said ruefully.

“After the last few days, it was the only thing I could have done. I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart,” the former BYU quarterback said.

However, Head Coach Saleh doesn’t see the end of his career with the Jets just yet. “I know this is going to be your story, but his career here is far from over,” Saleh said. “Is this a setback for him? Absolutely. But I think he needs it to reinvent himself.”

Against the Bears, Mike White will be the starter, Joe Flacco the backup. Wilson will then be on the sideline in a track suit and headset.

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