New York Jets: Head coach Robert Saleh avoids clear commitment to Zach Wilson

Against the New England Patriots, the New York Jets offence and especially quarterback Zach Wilson showed a subterranean performance. Is the young playmaker now threatened with the bench?

Munich – After the disastrous performance in the 10-3 loss to the New England Patriots, head coach Robert Saleh defended the New York Jets’ offense and especially his quarterback Zach Wilson.

Although Saleh spoke of the performance being “dog sh*t”, he said he never considered substituting Wilson. Now the state of affairs has changed – and the young quarterback must fear for his starting position.

No clear commitment from Saleh

When Saleh was asked last Monday if Wilson will also start in Week 12 against the Chicago Bears, there was no clear commitment for the playmaker. “We’re keeping all option on the table,” the head coach said instead.

Wilson’s numbers against the Patriots were frightening. Only nine of 22 passes arrived for 77 yards. At times unchallenged, Wilson overthrew one wide receiver after another. When asked after the game if the offense let the defense down that day, the 23-year-old simply replied, “No. “

Will Wilson be entering for White?

When Wilson was injured in the early weeks of the season, he was replaced by veteran Joe Flacco. If Wilson does get benched, however, Mike White currently has a better chance to slide into the starting eleven as a backup, according to CBS.

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