Jalen Ramsey goes to the Dolphins for a song – but the Rams still got a lot right

The Miami Dolphins only have to give up a third-round pick and tight end Hunter Long for Jalen Ramsey. Still, the Los Angeles Rams are doing a lot right in the trade – if they continue on their path! One comment.

It may be the biggest player trade of the NFL offseason so far. Cornerback Jalen Ramsey is moving to the Miami Dolphins for the 77th pick in the upcoming NFL draft. The Los Angeles Rams also get tight end Hunter Long.

At first glance, it’s a no-brainer: an outstanding trade for the Dolphins. But it’s worth taking a closer look. The Rams could have done a lot right – but only if they stay the course.

With Jalen Ramsey, Los Angeles won the Super Bowl in the 2021 season. It was an all-in season that paid off.

Two years earlier, the Rams sent two first-round picks and a fourth-round pick to Jacksonville for the star cornerback. Outfitted Ramsey with a $105 million extension and made the then-26-year-old the highest-paid defensive back in the entire league.

Slow season for Jalen Ramsey in 2022

All In the Rams don’t have to go this coming season. The omens, meanwhile, are very different. A disappointing 2022 season with a 5-12 record lies behind the star-studded franchise. The Super Bowl? Long forgotten! The team is in transition – and the first steps have been taken.

Ramsey was considered one of the guarantors of success in the Super Bowl season, but disappointed last season. Nevertheless, 65 percent of the passes with him in man coverage found their target. On average, he allowed 1.5 yards per snap where he was in pass defence. The league average: 1.2 yards! A far cry from his strong years before.

The three-time All-Pro no longer felt comfortable in Los Angeles, wanted to go to Miami. He was “super excited” to join the Dolphins as it was “something I’ve been praying for for a long time,” Ramsey told “NFL Media”.

Troublemaker and always good for a scandal

There are also numerous upsets off his performances on the field. In 2019, he got into it with Jaguars coach Doug Marrone on the sidelines. Both had to be restrained by the other players. In 2020, he got into a fight with Golden Tate after a game against the Giants.

Not to mention numerous verbal lapses towards other players. Even his new teammate Tyreek Hill got his comeuppance. Ramsey was and is always good for trouble. Do you want a player like that in the team?

And: The Rams need draft picks! The Stafford trade brought the long-awaited Super Bowl title, but the Rams still have to pay for it in 2023!

Their first-round pick is with the Detroit Lions. A second-round pick and two third-round picks (one of them via the Ramsey trade) remain for Los Angeles in the early draft. After that, they don’t get to select again until after the fifth round.

L.A. is in transition and continues down that path. While general manager Les Snead says star players Matthew Stafford, Cooper Kupp and Aaron Donald are safe – that’s about it. The dismissals of Bobby Wagner and Leonard Floyd a few days ago also prove that. Allen Robinson could also follow suit. A lot of cap space is to be saved.

With Miami, Ramsey plays for a Super Bowl contender, but the team stands or falls with quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, behind whom there are many question marks, especially due to injury.

The long-term build-up as a sensible goal

The Rams, on the other hand, are entering a transition year with potential – and they know it! The team is being rebuilt around the big three – or is there a surprise happening even here?

Cap space is being cut, “problem players” are leaving the team. Unlike 2021, L.A. is no longer going straight All In – long-term rebuilding is the new (sensible) goal.

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