“Tom Brady pisses me off” – Ryan Fitzpatrick caustic against Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback.

Ryan Fitzpatrick has not left the impression of a frustrated quarterback in his career. But Tom Brady still gets “Fitzmagic” going today

Munich – There are not many players who speak badly about Tom Brady with a chest tone of conviction. Ryan Fitzpatrick doesn’t even mince words about it.

“He just pisses me off,” Fitzpatrick said on “Pardon My Take” about the 45-year-old. The reason: Brady doesn’t respect him. “He never shook my hand,” Fitzpatrick said. Indeed, it’s a sign of mutual respect and has long been a ritual between quarterbacks after a play in the middle of the field.

Tom Brady: No handshake after the game

Fitzpatrick remembers: When the playmaker, who retired in June, played in Buffalo, defeats came against Brady and the Patriots with nice regularity. Then in 2011, the Bills struck back. “We got off to a great start and he threw five interceptions in the game and it was just wonderful to see every one of them. Just wonderful,” Fitzpatrick said. But then less wonderful was the lack of a handshake, the lack of a sign of respect after the game.

“That really annoyed me because there was no respect. Every time I played him after that, I was like, ‘Alright, let’s get this guy to respect me,'” Fitzpatrick said.

He did indeed get his bittersweet revenge. In 2019, that was the year the Miami Dolphins were accused of ditching for Tua Tagovailoa. Miami started 0-7, and in their first meeting with the Patriots, they took a 43-0 beating.

But then came the second meeting on the final day of the regular season. “They had to beat us to get home field advantage (in the full playoffs), and it was his last regular season game as a Patriot, “Fitzmagic” recalled. The Pats lost 24-27.

But after the game, Fitzpatrick actually got his handshake after all these years. “I guess I set it up,” he said with a wink.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is the “Motherf*****” – says Fitzpatrick

Funfact: If you remember Brady’s “Motherf*****” line from 2021 – Fitzpatrick is convinced it meant him and the Dolphins. At the time, Brady revealed that a team in 2020 Free Agency was interested in him but ended up not wanting him.

“You’re keeping the motherf***?” asked Brady on the HBO series “The Shop.” Half the NFL world assumed Derek Carr of the Las Vegas Raiders was meant. “That had to be me,” Fitzpatrick said. With the Dolphins’ interest in said time now vouched for, Fitzpatrick might actually be right.

Which shouldn’t improve his opinion of Brady.

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