New England Patriots make franchise history with signing

The New England Patriots are making franchise history. For the first time in the team’s 64-year existence, the franchise announces it will hire a woman as a full-time scout

The New England Patriots are hiring a woman as a scout for the first time in franchise history with Maya Ana Callender. This is reported by “ESPN”.

Callender was previously Director of Football Operations at Princeton University. In 2020, however, she spent time with the Philadelphia Eagles on an NFL scholarship, and while there, likely discovered her interest in scouting.

New England Patriots inquired about Callender

At Princeton, she set out from then on to improve her player evaluation skills and also learned typical scouting lingo, according to Princeton Head Coach Bob Surace. It was he who recommended Callender to the Patriots after they inquired about her.

“She became our NFL contact and answered the scouts’ questions. She talked about the players and their injury history and how she evaluated their performance. By the time the scouts got to me, they didn’t have too many questions. I was kind of irrelevant, which was new for me. She was great,” he told “ESPN. “

2022, 33 women were full-time scouts, according to the NFL. With Callender, that number now grows by one more.

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