Washington Commanders: Lawsuit on their hands – ticket trouble with their own fans

Have the Washington Commanders cheated their fans out of their ticket money? After the D.C. and Maryland attorneys general filed lawsuits against the team, the franchise now settled one of the two cases out of court.

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After team owners Dan and Tanya Snyder announced earlier this month that they wanted to sell the team and had to deal with two lawsuits in the meantime, the franchise has now settled at least one out of court.

On Thursday, District of Columbia Attorney General Karl A. Racine announced the filing of a lawsuit. The Commanders are accused of cheating fans out of their ticket money. According to the lawsuit, the team failed to refund money to season ticket holders whose contracts had already expired. The total amount of the lawsuit is said to be around 200,000 US dollars.

Via Twitter, Racine made a clear statement to the franchise: “Commanders executives seem determined to lie, cheat and steal from DC residents in as many ways as possible. We’re holding them accountable. “

The Commanders promptly responded to the lawsuit and denied all allegations.

However, the franchise now settled to get a similar lawsuit from Maryland thrown out. This was reported by Nicki Jhabvala of the Washington Post. Under the agreement, all money must be returned within 30 days. In addition, the Commanders must pay a fine of $250,000.

Whether a similar outcome is possible for the lawsuit in D.C. remains to be seen.

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