New York Jets and NY Giants forced to practice indoors due to wildfires in Canada

Forest fires in eastern Canada are also enveloping the northeast of the USA in smoke. The New York Giants and the New York Giants are therefore holding their training sessions indoors. A third team could also follow suit.

Canada is currently struggling with forest fires, with authorities counting around 150 fires in the Quebec region in the east of the country on Tuesday evening.

Smoke is also drifting across the US border, shrouding the US metropolis of New York and the surrounding area in a veil. This, combined with the poorer air quality, is now ensuring that two teams, the New York Jets and New York Giants, are likely to practice indoors on Thursday. That’s according to “ESPN. “

Washington Commanders may also have to move indoors

The capital city of Washington is also in the area affected by the smoke. Therefore, resident Commanders could also be restricted and displaced to the hall in a timely manner.

“We have looked at the air quality index. We have spoken to the doctors and medical staff asking what options we have as far as our trainings today, tomorrow and probably next week. We will continue to monitor the situation,” Head Coach Ron Rivera said at a press conference on Wednesday.

“We’ll talk to the players before we go out and tell everybody that if they’re having trouble breathing, we’d excuse it. Or if they get problems during training, we would send them in. Then we would have to consider training tomorrowpossibly inside,” added Rivera, who would like to bypass that, however: “If we can avoid it, we will, but if not, if the air quality is too much of a concern, we will definitely go in. “

According to US media reports, New York had in the meantime topped the ranking of cities with the worst air quality worldwide. Warnings have also been issued for the US states of Minnesota and Massachusetts, and possibly other teams could be affected by similar measures if the situation remains the same. Minnesota is home to the Vikings, while the New England Patriots are based in Massachusetts.

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