Green Bay Packers: Aaron Rodgers holds crisis meeting – young wide receivers needed

The training camp of the Green Bay Packers is anything but optimal. Especially the wide receivers are under special scrutiny after the Davante Adams trade. And Aaron Rodgers doesn’t like a lot of things.

Munich/Green Bay – It was foreseeable that there would be a loss of quality among the Green Bay Packers’ wide receivers after the departure of Davante Adams.

However, the fact that there would be a real crisis meeting about the performance of the wide receivers before the second day of the preseason is a bit scary for the fans of the club from Wisconsin.

The spokesman for the meeting between quarterbacks, wide receivers and the coaches responsible for the Packers’ passing game was Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers rages: “We just have to be better “

Rodgers addressed the problems of the young wide receivers mentioned in a media round earlier in the day, where he had seen “a lot of dropped balls, a lot of bad routes, a lot of wrong routes. “

The young receivers Amari Rodgers, Samori Toure and Romeo Doubs came in for particular criticism.

“He gave us some advice,” Toure reported after the meeting. “Most importantly, he reminded us that the standard for receivers here in Green Bay is immensely high. And we have to continue to keep that standard high.”

Just bashing his young colleagues is not Rodgers’ thing then, however. “Aaron has also told us what he likes so far,” elaborated Doubs, who like Toure is a rookie.

Cobb and Lazard also among critical voices

At that meeting, veterans Allen Lazard and Randall Cobb also spoke out. The latter once again had some powerful words for the youngsters, especially regarding Rodgers’ speech.

“This is not about whether they like it or not. Either they’re fine with it or they have no business being here,” Cobb said succinctly.

It’s not the first time pass receivers have been called into an extraordinary meeting at the Packers. Early in camp, the coaches, quarterbacks and longtime receivers had made it clear what they expected.

Groll, however, do not cherish the young receivers. “For them to take us young players by the hand and be clear about what they’re asking is great at this stage of training camp. We can only take that as advice,” seventh-round pick Doubs said.

As a small “warning signal” to the inexperienced pass receivers, the Green Bay Packers have already signed receiver Travis Fulgham. He had been released by the Denver Broncos the day before. “The guy I trust the most and the coaches trust the most is playing,” Rodgers threatened already on Tuesday.

The Packers receivers will have their next chance to prove themselves on Saturday night in preseason game number two against the New Orleans Saints.

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