Atlanta Falcons: This is how the Falcons plan their commitment in Germany

The Atlanta Falcons will become the fifth NFL team to acquire marketing rights in Germany and call the Federal Republic its second home in the future. But what were the reasons for this? The team president reveals them.

After the New England Patriots, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Carolina Panthers and Kansas City Chiefs had already acquired the rights to the German market last year, the Atlanta Falcons followed suit this year.

That the Falcons would become a “German” team was actually obvious to team president Greg Beadles. “With Mercedes-Benz and Delta, we have two big sponsors who come from Germany or have big markets there,” he explains.

In addition, as one of the largest sponsors of Army soldiers in the USA, the Falcons also want to take care of those who are stationed in Germany. “It just feels logical for us,” Beadles continues. Some 30,000 US Army soldiers call Germany home.

Falcons also want to promote athletic fields

But it’s not just the US Americans in Germany who are to be promoted: The locals should also benefit. Among other things, the rapidly growing flag football programmes in Germany will be taken under the wing of Atlanta, which is a leader in this category.

“More than 30,000 girls and boys already play flag football, and the number is growing. We want to be a part of that growth,” they say.

And the growth of the German fan club “Atlanta Falcons Deutschland” has also been noted with goodwill in Georgia. “We want to invite the guys and gals to our game in London this year. They are the foundation of our commitment and we want to get to know them.”

However, the Falcons have not yet been allocated a home game in Germany. However, that can only be a matter of time.

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