Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Todd Bowles praises great relationship with Tom Brady

Tom Brady has a new head coach with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Todd Bowles moved up from defensive coordinator to Arians successor. The relationship with Brady? Is, of course, “great. “

Munich – New coaches sometimes make for whole new behaviours. Because at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ offseason programme, even quarterback superstar Tom Brady showed up. The 44-year-old is usually not a fan of the units at this early stage of preparation.

But the Buccaneers, as we know, have a new head coach in Todd Bowles following the resignation of Bruce Arians. Bowles joined the Bucs in 2019 but previously worked as defensive coordinator.

“Tom is a worker,” Bowles told the Tampa Bay Times. “Tom comes on his own. He doesn’t need to be here, but you don’t play that long without having an inner drive. He doesn’t need the work that everybody else needs, but the camaraderie when he comes is very good. “

Tom Brady and Todd Bowles already know each other

What is essential to a team’s success is the relationship between quarterback and head coach.

An advantage: Bowles and Brady have known each other for two seasons, though the touch points between the playmaker and defensive coach haven’t been great. Besides, Bowles doesn’t want to shake up the offense as head coach. Offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich will continue to be primarily responsible for that.

“Everybody thinks I’m changing the offense,” Bowles said. “I didn’t get the head coaching job to be an offensive coach. That’s not my job. I’ve always been a defensive coach, which doesn’t mean I can’t be a head coach.”

Intrapersonal fit

Between Brady and Bowles, it’s apparently settled, the philosophy seems clear. And interpersonally it fits too, according to Bowles. “We have a great relationship. We communicate all the time and I’m looking forward to working with him from a different angle,” Bowles said.

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