Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Antonio Brown fires against Tom Brady: “Manipulates the game”.

This is a real AB again: Antonio Brown fired against his ex-team, ex-teammates and ex-coach via Twitter. One reason: Tom Brady’s time off.

Munich – The sting runs deep for Antonio Brown. In the past few months, the scandal receiver has repeatedly taunted his former team Tampa Bay Buccaneers, quarterback Tom Brady or his coach Alex Guerrero.

Now AB has lashed out again. The target is once again Brady and his break from preseason work, which the team said was agreed upon in advance.

Tom Brady takes a timeout

Why Brady is taking a mini sabbatical that will last at least until the preseason game on August 20 against the Tennessee Titans is not known, it is believed to be a concession for the 45-year-old to be with his family.

For Brown, reason enough to etch against his ex-team and ex-teammate. “Tom Brady manipulates the game and gets 14 days to go home and get his thoughts in order,” Brown tweeted. “Now you see the difference. “

Brown has also been at loggerheads with Brady’s personal trainer Alex Guerrero for some time. Brown had worked with Guerrero during his time with the Buccaneers, and after Brown’s exit following his memorable, topless exit at the New York game, the receiver had feuded with Guerrero over a $100,000 bill.

“Alex Guerrero, I will personally come to the TB12 Performance&Recovery Center and smack you, don’t challenge me! Not only are you getting paid by the Buccaneers, but you’re benefiting from Tom Brady’s teammates!” said Brown.

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