New York Giants: Micah Parsons criticises handling of Daniel Jones

New York’s quarterback has to endure the attacks of the Dallas Cowboys until a few seconds before the end of the game. Cowboys star Micah Parsons criticises the Giants’ handling of Daniel Jones.

Quarterback Daniel Jones suffered seven sacks, ten quarterback hits and a number of tackles on his run attempts in the New York Giants’ opening loss to the Dallas Cowboys (0:40).

In short: a long day’s work for the 26-year-old behind a shaky offensive line and against a strong defence.

A workday that should have been shortened, according to Cowboys defender Micah Parsons. The Giants didn’t take Jones off the field until 70 seconds left in the game, with backup Tyrod Taylor taking the remaining snaps.

“You’ve got to protect your quarterback, right? It’s not very smart that he was still on the field in the last quarter. If he gets hurt, the Giants’ season is over,” Parsons said on The Edge podcast.

“The game was over, he’s standing there on the turf with the backup offensive line until close to the end and he keeps taking sacks and hits. I didn’t understand that,” the superstar continued.

Brian Daboll, head coach of the Giants, said in the aftermath of the game that he wanted Jones to end the game on a positive note, so there was no consideration of removing him early.

10 months ago
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