New York Giants: All-clear for Saquon Barkley

Saquon Barkley has to leave the field injured during the 31:28 win of his New York Giants against the Arizona Cardinals. According to “Yahoo Sports”, however, there is reason for optimism.

Slight sigh of relief for New York Giants fans. Saquon Barkley did not suffer a serious injury in the game against the Arizona Cardinals, according to initial reports.

As “Yahoo Sports” reports, X-ray images support the assumption that the running back only pulled his right ankle.

An MRI of the affected ankle is expected to provide complete certainty on Tuesday.

Barkley had gone down awkwardly in the 4th quarter at 28-28 and had to be propped up by two support staff as he left the field, sparking fears of a broken bone.

According to an “ESPN” report, the 26-year-old’s ankle was already badly swollen after the game.

Recall for Week 3 likely in jeopardy

With the Giants already facing the San Francisco 49ers on Thursday, it could still be difficult for the superstar to make an appearance in Week 3.

Barkley was still the strongest Giant with two touchdowns and a total of 92 scrimmage yards against Arizona.

Against the Cardinals, who were actually considered to be weaker, the New Yorkers were behind for a long time and only managed to win with a field goal shortly before the end.

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