Aaron Rodgers: Are the Green Bay Packers waiting until the draft to make a trade to the Jets?

Are the Green Bay Packers trading Aaron Rodgers to the New York Jets? According to a report, the Wisconsin franchise could be willing to wait until the draft at the end of April to do so.

When will there finally be clarity in the Aaron Rodgers case?

Meanwhile, all indications are that the quarterback superstar will play for the New York Jets next season. However, the Green Bay Packers still don’t have to trade the 39-year-old directly.

Pro Football Talk reports that, according to an internal league source, the franchise is willing to wait until the draft to make a trade, should that be necessary to get the value the Packers want.

That means, for example, if the Jets don’t offer the required draft picks, Green Bay could wait until a better offer is presented.

Will the Packers wait with a Rodgers trade?

Accordingly, the playmaker has an option bonus of $58.3 million written into his contract. But because Rodgers hasn’t appeared on the practice field in the first phase of the offseason programme in years anyway, the bonus is supposed to be due late in the offseason, which is why Green Bay can take their time – as long as they give up the signal caller before the large sum is due.

For the Jets, on the other hand, there would be significantly more pressure. Especially if they try to fulfil Rodgers’ wish list of players but have not yet signed the quarterback for sure.

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