NFL: Houston Texans – Tank Dell sees no limits for C. J. Stroud

Both Tank Dell and C.J. Stroud impressed last season. The Texans receiver has now spoken out about his quarterback and doesn’t think the level of Chiefs superstar Patrick Mahomes is out of reach

Between Tank Dell and C. J. Stroud really clicked in his first NFL year with the Houston Texans.

The rookie receiver caught a total of 47 passes for 709 yards and seven touchdowns from his rookie quarterback in eleven games. Had Dell not gotten injured in Week 13, the stats would most likely be much better.

And so it’s not particularly surprising that the third-round pick found extremely warm words for his playmaker on “I am Athlete”. For Stroud, who was named Offensive Rookie of the Year, he apparently sees hardly any limits.

“He has a special charisma. I’m sure C.J. has a chance to be the best quarterback in the league,” Dell began his comments on the 22-year-old,

The pass receiver provided the reasons for his opinion directly: “I’m not just saying that because of how I see him, but also because I see what he does every single week. What the world sees is exactly what we see. How he went out there as a 21-year-old and competes against grown men, and how he just plays every week. How consistent he is. “

Texans receiver Dell: Stroud can reach Mahomes’ level

If Stroud’s development continues, Dell thinks it’s even possible that he can get to the level of the current best NFL QB: “I think C.J. has to keep doing what he’s been doing to close the gap between him and Mahomes.”

Whether the two will continue to shake up the league in the 2024 NFL season will be revealed for the first time in just under two months. The Texans and the two youngsters kick off on September 8 at the Indianapolis Colts.

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