Seattle Seahawks: Tyler Lockett sees through Russell Wilson

For Russell Wilson, the return to Seattle was disappointing in sporting terms, with the Denver Broncos losing 16-17 to the Seahawks in their season opener. In the process, he was exposed by his ex-teammate.

Munich – Russell Wilson will no doubt have prepared meticulously for his first game with the Denver Broncos, after all the Seattle Seahawks were the opposition. However, the quarterback superstar forgot something on his return to Seattle: that his ex-teammates know him inside out.

For Wilson’s problem is old habits: he continues to use the hand signals in Denver that he also gave in Seattle. Wide receiver Tyler Lockett quickly recognised this in the 17:16 win – and loudly communicated it to his teammates.

Lockett was “mic’d up” on the play, running along the sideline in between (“He’s giving a ‘go’! He’s giving a ‘go'”) to let his team know. “They’re using our stuff,” he said. He also approached individual players, Safety Tariq Woolen, for example, gesturing, “If you see that, that’s a ‘go’.”

Tyler Lockett: “Change the hand signals!”

After the game, by the way, Lockett pointed out to the opposition that the Broncos’ play is somewhat predictable. “Change the hand signals,” he told receivers Courtland Sutton and K.J. Hamler. The Broncos face the Houston Texans in Week 2. Preparation this time around should include new hand signals.

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