San Francisco 49ers: Quarterback Trey Lance takes throwing lessons from Patrick Mahomes

Trey Lance’s NFL career has not been a good one so far. In order to get a grip on his throwing technique, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback has been working with Patrick Mahomes

Special help for Trey Lance!

The San Francisco 49ers quarterback attended a special training camp with coach Jeff Christensen in March to improve his throwing technique. Christensen, who had already worked with Jimmy Garoppolo, Kirk Cousins and Ryan Tannehill among others in college, brought Lance together with Patrick Mahomes for this purpose.

The example of the two-time Super Bowl winner from Kansas City Chiefs was to be Lance’s guide. “I told him what to do because he hadn’t done it before,” Christensen explained in an interview with The Athletic.

“And then he saw Patrick execute it perfectly. I think seeing that himself helped him get over that mental hurdle,” Christensen continued.

Significant progress for Lance?

As a result, Lance had made significant progress over the course of the training days that took place in Dallas. “In the past seven days, he has made a significant jump every day,” the coach summed up.

For the 23-year-old Lance, a groundbreaking third year in the NFL is ahead. His previous two seasons have been marked by injuries and inconsistency, last year he broke his ankle in week two and missed the entire remainder of the season.

With Brock Purdy currently injured as well, another 49ers playmaker caught the eye. Lance, the third pick in the 2021 draft, will have to fight for his spot.

But the work with Christensen has apparently already paid off, Head Coach Kyle Shanahan explicitly praised Lance recently. “In the last two months he’s built such a better foundation that he’s as good as he’s ever been,” Shanahan said.

Coach sure: Lance can be “incredible “

Mahomes also appeared to be taken with Lance. “Pat thinks really highly of him. He’s just a really good person, conscientious. He wants to be great. And he’s one of the few whose actions match his words. He stands behind it. He’s there every day and wants to learn. And that’s why I teach him,” Christensen explained.

The training camp was a complete success, he said. “On the last day, he was 25 per cent further than I thought,” he described. Together with Coach Shanahan, Christensen still has a lot of confidence in his pupil: “With the playcalling and the upside, he can be unbelievable.

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