NFL – New York Giants: Daniel Jones gets pressure from general manager Joe Schoen

Daniel Jones has experienced many lows and few highs in recent years. In 2024, the New York Giants quarterback will have to prove he’s worth his big contract

After the 2022 season, in which the New York Giants reached the NFL playoffs, quarterback Daniel Jones got his big contract.

According to US media, the playmaker is set to receive 160 million US dollars over four years – but Jones has yet to prove that he is worth this sum.

However, he will have to deliver in the upcoming season. This is clear from statements made by general manager Joe Schoen in the “Hard Knocks” series.

“This is the year for Daniel. The plan was always to give him a couple years. Is he our guy for the next ten years? Or do we have to turn around and find someone else,” Schoen said in an interview with Tim McDonell, Director of Player Personnel.

When Jones was fit, he rarely delivered. But he also struggled with injuries, as Schoen emphasizes: “The reality is that he suffered three serious injuries in two years. We have to protect him. He hasn’t had much of a chance this year. “

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Last season alone, the 27-year-old first suffered a neck injury – he already had problems there in 2021 – and then tore his ACL in week 9.

To prevent this from happening again, Schoen is also taking the very shaky 2023 offensive line to task. “I’m not giving up on Jones. He has a contract for three more years. We just have to protect ourselves, because the best indicator of the future is the past,” the GM continues.

According to Schoen, Jones’ contract was also the reason why they let Saquon Barkley move to Philadelphia. The running back was simply too expensive: “We pay him 40 million a year. But not for giving the ball to a 12 million back. “

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