Dallas Cowboys: ex-receiver Michael Irvin reaches settlement with Marriott hotel chain and is back on TV

Michael Irvin, former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver, filed a defamation lawsuit against the Marriott hotel chain. Now the parties have reportedly reached a settlement, Irvin was back on “NFL Network” on Sunday.

Michael Irvin has reached a settlement with the Marriott hotel chain following his defamation lawsuit against the company, the “Dallas Morning News” reports. He also returned to television on Sunday and was part of the “NFL Network”.

Irvin had been accused by a female employee of making lewd remarks during a conversation in February. The 57-year-old vehemently denied the accusations afterwards, but was nevertheless temporarily suspended from the “NFL Network”.

Irvin subsequently sued Marriott and six other parties for defamation and tortious interference with business relations for contacting the NFL about the incident.

How much Irvin will collect after the settlement with Marriott is not specified. Originally, the Hall of Famer demanded 100 million US dollars.

10 months ago
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