Chicago Bears: Trade for No. 1 pick may have been too expensive for Las Vegas Raiders

The Chicago Bears have famously traded the No. 1 pick to the Carolina Panthers. But the Las Vegas Raiders may have also had interest in the pick – but according to a report, the price the franchise was targeting was far too high.

The Chicago Bears have used their position and traded the number 1 pick. They got several picks in return from the Carolina Panthers as well as wide receiver DJ Moore.

Prior to the trade, general manager Ryan Poles had reportedly spoken with several teams about a potential trade. Also with the Las Vegas Raiders. However, the price demanded by the Bears was reportedly too expensive for them.

Las Vegas Raiders: Alternative found

“The Athletic” reports that Chicago demanded the following package from Raiders:

  • Raiders’ first- and second-round picks for 2023

  • two future first-round picks as well

  • another future second-round pick

According to the report, the Raiders never made an official offer on the trade after that and considered the demands unreasonable.

The Raiders subsequently went a different route and signed veteran Jimmy Garoppolo as their new starting quarterback. In the upcoming draft, the franchise has its first pick at position seven.

Chicago Bears trade No. 1 pick to Carolina Panthers

While the Raiders found the price too high for the No. 1 pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, the Chicago Bears found a taker in the Carolina Panthers.

In return, the Bears received:

  • 9th pick 2023

  • 61. pick 2023

  • first-round pick 2024 and

  • second-round pick 2025

  • In addition, wide receiver DJ Moore is moving to the Bears.

The Chicago Bears get less pick potential this way, but a top wide receiver in DJ Moore.

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