Tom Brady to educate on NFL gambling rules in video.

The NFL has a gambling problem. More and more players are betting on games and damaging the league’s reputation. Now the NFL is cracking down and enlisting the help of quarterback legend Tom Brady

The NFL is increasingly having to crack down on players who bet on league games and thus violate the regulations. The most recent case was that of Isaiah Rodgers Sr, defensive back and kick returner for the Indianapolis Colts. He too had placed bets on NFL games. A few months ago, five players of the Detroit Lions had been convicted.

In order to prevent similar cases in the future, the NFL is now breaking new ground and even enlisting the help of Tom Brady.

As “” reports, the “GOAT” is part of a video that is supposed to educate about the NFL’s “gambling policy”. According to the report, the video will be shown to all players in the league.

Brady to address consequences of violations

In the video, Brady reportedly talks about his love for football and states that it is a privilege to play in the NFL. He goes on to explain that betting on NFL games would damage the integrity of the league and the reputation of all players.

The 45-year-old ended his active career in February and is the most successful player in league history with seven Super Bowl titles.

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