NFL looks set to enter the gambling business in a big way

The NFL is apparently conquering the world of gambling. Having already awarded its trademark rights to physical gambling machines, the US professional league now appears to be getting into the online casino business.

As the world’s highest-grossing sports league, the NFL is known for constantly finding new revenue opportunities. In the area of TV revenue or ticket revenue, the potential has been largely exhausted (as of today). A new business area has therefore been found with which money can be earned. And that is the area of gambling;

The NFL is the first US sports league to license its brand rights to a physical casino game. Now the business area has been expanded once again, with the NFL also awarding its license to an online casino. This is according to a report from “”

The advantage of online gambling is that it is even easier to ensure that the provider always wins in the end and makes a tidy profit than with a physical slot machine.

Court ruling enables entry into gambling

A few years ago, it would have been completely unthinkable for US sports teams to license their logos for slot machines. But the 2018 Supreme Court ruling, which allowed legalized sports betting nationwide, opened up a new area of business.

Until now, there were mainly collaborations between the NFL or NFL teams and sports betting providers. One example: Anyone who placed a bet for the “Thursday Night Game” at Fanatics sportsbooks got access to an in-app stream of the game as a result.

There are already physical gambling machines that use the NFL's trademark rights. Now the online casinos are apparently following suit.

There are already physical gambling machines that use the NFL’s trademark rights. Now the online casinos are apparently following suit.

The entry into the world of gambling now offers another opportunity to earn money with the NFL brand.

Online casinos sometimes more lucrative than sports betting

The plan calls for the game to charge a small fee for the purchase of digital coins needed to participate in online gambling. “It’s big business if you can get people to buy the virtual currency to play the games,” gambling consultant Dustin Gouker is quoted as saying in the report.

“Online casinos are a very big business. But in the United States it’s limited, much more limited than sports betting because it’s only allowed in a little more than a handful of states. The big ones are Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and West Virginia. So it’s a very big business and once again surpasses sports betting in those states.”

The NFL has not yet commented on the report.

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