NFL generates national revenue of 13 billion dollars in 2023

The NFL will pay out around 400 million dollars per franchise after the 2023 season. In the future it will be even more

The NFL recorded national revenues of around 13 billion dollars in the 2023 season. Of this, the 32 teams each received around 400 million dollars, some even up to 425 million dollars, reports Kurt Badenhausen from “Sportico” according to “Bleacher Report” . These distributions increased by six to eight percent compared to the 2022 season.

The revenue comes from “national media rights, league sponsorships and shared revenue and license fees from the league’s various subsidiaries and affiliates such as NFL Properties, NFL International and NFL Enterprises,” Badenhausen continued.

Distributions to rise to 800 million

The average value of an NFL team before the start of the 2023 season was around 5.1 billion dollars, which is higher than for NBA (3.85 billion dollars) and MLB teams (2.4 billion dollars). The reasons for these high valuations are the NFL’s hard salary cap and the annual distribution of revenue.

After the eleven-year media rights agreement from 2021, the distributions to the teams are set to rise to over 800 million dollars per franchise by 2034.

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