NFL star Von Miller struggles with comeback

The first two years with the Buffalo Bills went anything but according to plan for NFL star Von Miller. The veteran tore his ACL in 2022 and hasn’t quite been able to show the energetic play since then that we know from his long time with the Denver Broncos

Even an NFL figurehead like Von Miller can’t simply forget a torn ACL. The Buffalo Bills are still waiting to see the real Von Miller at 100 percent.

In an interview with “Sports Illustrated”, the 35-year-old admitted that his comeback last season came a little too early. However, he criticized not so much his own performance, but rather the enormous expectations he faced.

“It’s crazy, you get injured, you come back and you really shouldn’t be playing again yet, but people judge you on what you end up with,” he criticized. He was also “a bit angry” about the way people had judged him.

Ultimately, he said, he wanted to stand up for his team and not miss any more games in the autumn of his career. “I could have easily sat out the whole season, but I couldn’t have done that to my teammates. I felt like I had reached the end of my career and I didn’t want to sacrifice my time. At the same time, I shouldn’t have gone out there.

Rather, he should have concentrated on the upcoming season, in which he wants to present himself in top form again.

From Miller back to his old strength? “I want to play football like I’m used to

“My biggest individual goal is to get my football style back on the field,” revealed the eccentric NFL star, who has repeatedly been embroiled in scandals, and clarified his mindset this offseason: “I just want to play football the way I’m used to. Talking shit, landing sacks, dancing and generating plays for my teammates.”

Then the Bills could go further than last season, when they finished in the Divisional Round against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Of course, the two-time Super Bowl winner and one-time Super Bowl MVP dreams of leading the Bills to their first major coup. “The biggest goal is to bring the first Super Bowl to Buffalo. Everyone feels that and everyone deserves that. They work so hard, Bills fans and West New York, they just deserve it. They do so much for football and the community,” he said, emphasizing his ambitions.

Von Miller’s contract was recently renegotiated so that he can stay with the Bills for another year. The aim now is to make the most of this

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