NFL: Aaron Rodgers missed New York Jets minicamp due to Egypt trip

Aaron Rodgers was absent from the New York Jets’ minicamp. Now it is also known where the star quarterback was

A few weeks ago, it was reported that Aaron Rodgers would miss the start of the New York Giants’ mandatory minicamp.

The reason for the absence was unclear for a long time. The Daily Mail reported at the time that the star quarterback was taking part in an ayahuasca retreat.

He had already spent some time at a retreat in Costa Rica in March of this year.

The 40-year-old has been using alternative healing methods for years. Back in 2022, he reported on his experiences with ayahuasca, a plant brew that contains the hallucinogenic drug DMT and can be consumed as a tea, for example.

Now there is clarity about the reasons for Rodgers’ absence from the Jets minicamp. As reported by “NBC Sports”, among others, the signal caller was on a trip abroad.

Rodgers was in Egypt

Rodgers is said to have traveled to Africa and taken a trip to Egypt. Whether this vacation was related to the ayahuasca consumption is unclear.

According to the report, the trip had been planned for a long time and coordinated with the franchise’s management.

Head coach Robert Saleh already confirmed that everything was in order regarding Rodgers’ absence at the end of June. “He was very good at communicating, he was here the whole time. He had an event that was very important to him and he communicated it. If it’s important to him, it’s important to us,” said the head coach.

All good between Jets and Rodgers

Apart from missing the mandatory minicamp, Rodgers was present at every practice during the first preseason period, missed one week of the second preseason period and participated in all parts of organized team activities in the spring and summer before his trip to Egypt.

Ayahuasca typically induces psychedelic states without loss of locomotor control. Ayahuasca originated in Central and South America. In the USA, possession, sale and cultivation are only permitted for religious purposes. In Germany, possession of ayahuasca is illegal.

Various ayahuasca retreats are also said to be offered in Egypt

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