New England Patriots: Ex-Safety Devin McCourty to become TV host on “NBC”.

Devin McCourty has apparently found a new job after his career end. He follows his twin brother Jason and is getting into the television world in the future.

Twin brother Jason already joined the “NFL Network”, now Devin McCourty follows him into the media business. The 35-year-old will work for “NBC” in the future, according to Andrew Marchand of the “New York Post”.

The 27-minute older twin will be part of the segment “Football Night in America”, a pregame show of the NFL. McCourty is expected to start there as early as the upcoming season.

Devin McCourty follows twin brother’s footsteps

The former cornerback and safety of the New England Patriots, with whom he won the Super Bowl three times and spent a total of 13 seasons, is thus only briefly turning his back on the NFL after his sporting career ends in March. During his active time, he was also an analyst for “NFL Today” on “CBS” last year.

After the twins were united on the field in the meantime, they now share a similar profession after being athletes. Jason McCourty has been a radio analyst for “Westwood One” in addition to his work in television and runs a podcast with Devin.

Former Patriots stars seem to be in demand with TV networks. Even superstar Tom Brady has already signed a contract with the “Fox” station.

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