Kansas City Chiefs: Rashee Rice speeding 80 mph before accident

The Chiefs pass receiver was probably speeding nearly 50 mph just before the accident

More and more details are coming to light in the case of Rashee Rice’s serious car accident.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Rice’s Lamborghini Urus was traveling 119 miles per hour (191 km/h) about 4.5 seconds before the collision with a total of six vehicles.

The Corvette with which the Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver had been racing was only three miles per hour slower.

The speed limit on the highway where the accident occurred was 70 miles per hour (approx. 112 km/h), so Rice was traveling 49 mph (79 km/h) too fast.

According to reports, Rice is facing eight felony charges as a result of the accident. Neither the Chiefs nor the NFL have yet taken any action in response to the incident.

According to police, Rice and college player Theodore Knox, who was behind the wheel of the Corvette, were driving in the left lane at excessive speed on March 31 when they lost control.

Rice’s Lamborghini veered onto the hard shoulder and crashed into a barrier. This triggered a chain reaction involving four other vehicles in addition to the cars driven by Rice and Knox.

Four people were injured in the accident. According to the police, the two defendants simply drove on after the accident – without checking whether anyone needed medical assistance.

Rice only turned himself in to the police several days later.

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