Washington Commanders: Owner Dan Snyder’s offices vacated – is sale imminent?

Dan and Tanya Snyder, the owner couple of the Washington Commanders, have reportedly already vacated their offices at the franchise. Is an imminent sale of the team imminent?

For nearly 24 years, the Washington Commanders have been owned by Dan and Tanya Snyder. However, it seems that it really won’t be long before that changes.

According to consistent media reports, the couple has already vacated their offices with the franchise in preparation for the sale of the team. According to these reports, the move out is said to have already taken place at the end of December.

It is also said that the term “imminent” is used within the team in reference to the sale. The sale is expected to be approved and announced at the upcoming league meeting in Arizona, which will take place from 26 to 29 March.

Who’s buying the Commanders?

In November, Snyder had announced it was considering a sale of all or part of the franchise. Subsequently, the process of finding a bidder was set in motion, raising questions time and again. For example, it remains unclear whether Jeff Bezos could make a bid for the team. The Amazon boss is said to have been excluded from the bidding process.

By the way, 24 NFL owners have to agree to a sale.

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