Seattle Seahawks: D.K. Metcalf must take drug test after viral video

In a video that went viral, Seahawks receiver D.K Metcalf spirals into the air to grab a ball at an incredible height. This now calls the NFL into action, who summons Metcalf for a drug test.

Recently, D.K. Metcalf caused a viral hit with a video.

The Seattle Seahawks receiver posted a short clip of himself spiralling from a standing position to an incredible height to snatch a ball out of the air.

Immediately, an intense discussion began as to whether the 25-year-old, known for his enormous athleticism, was actually capable of such a leap, or whether he had been helped along by digital trick technology.

And just a few moments later, he made a big splash at the Celebrity Game of the NBA All Star Game.

Some users also suspected that Metcalf would soon be ordered by the NFL to take a test for performance-enhancing substances.

And that is indeed what happened. According to NFL reporter Dov Kleinmann, Metcalf was invited by the league to take a test.

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