Seahawks upset: DK Metcalf defends dirty block

DK Metcalf has been accused of a dirty block by the Los Angeles Rams. Seahawks receiver defends himself.

There was a big upset in the game between the Seattle Seahawks and Los Angeles Rams, which the Californians won 30-13. The people involved: Seattle receiver DK Metcalf and Los Angeles defensive back Ahkello Witherspoon.

Many spectators had not seen the scene at first because both were not involved in the play in this situation. Quarterback Geno Smith completed a pass on the other side to tight end Colby Parkinson for a gain of 8 yards.

Far from it, Witherspoon lay on the turf and was examined by handlers before he was able to go to the sideline under his own power.

Only a replay of the TV broadcast showed Metcalf giving Witherspoon a hard hit on the turf – in the back.

Because the action was out of reach, Witherspoon probably didn’t expect to be blocked from behind.

Players and coaches on the Rams’ sideline were raging with anger. Head coach Sean McVay was heard on the broadcast saying, “This is so bad!”. But what does Metcalf himself have to say about this upset?

Metcalf clarifies: “That’s just how I play “

“Well, I blocked,” Metcalf said in his post-match press conference. “I think I blocked him a bit too hard and pushed him to the ground. He got up angrily because he felt I blocked him from behind.”

Metcalf defended his action, “That’s just how I play. I block every play when I don’t have the ball. I never make a play where I just jog. That’s just the way it turned out. “

Metcalf’s statement is not entirely correct: Witherspoon did not immediately get up in a rage. He remained lying dazed and was examined by team officials.

Metcalf was not penalised for this action, but he was penalised for his provocations towards the opposing touchline. Metcalf said of the taunting penalty, “I saw their coaches yelling at me. And I let that get to me and I retaliated. I’ve got to get better at that. “

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