NFL – The poker for Aaron Rodgers: The most important answers to the trade drama

Aaron Rodgers wants to go to the New York Jets, the Jets want him and actually the Green Bay Packers also want to close the chapter. So what’s the problem? The most important answers.

The biggest trade of this NFL offseason is stalling. Actually, the transfer of Aaron Rodgers to the New York Jets seemed to be just a formality, but now there are apparently problems. Could the mega-deal actually still fall through?

Aaron Rodgers: What’s going on anyway?

Last Wednesday, quarterback star Aaron Rodgers made a highly official announcement on the “Pat McAfee Show” that had already been an open secret: The 39-year-old wants to pull up stakes with the Green Bay Packers after 18 years and continue his career with the New York Jets.

However, the four-time MVP also hinted that the decision to leave was not entirely voluntary. “I love this city, I love this organisation and I will always love it. But they just want to move on without me. I just would have liked better communication at the beginning of the offseason,” he said.

Why do the Packers want to pass on Rodgers?

A departure for the playmaker was already on the cards last year before he signed a new three-year, $150 million contract. But cracks in the relationship between the franchise and Rodgers remained.

Recently, a “high-ranking Packers source” told Bally Sports that Packers officials felt Rodgers had let the team down a bit after his contract extension last March. Rodgers refused to work out with rookie receivers last offseason.

The season, which was not satisfactory from a sporting point of view and at the end of which the chance of making the playoffs was carelessly given away, played its part. After the final game of the season against the Detroit Lions, Rodgers already made some telling statements about a possible departure. Unlike the previous year, however, the Packers were no longer willing to wait for Rodgers.

And what is also important for the Packers: A trade of Rodgers would create resources. His salary would be off the books and on top of that there would be draft capital.

What does a Rodgers departure mean athletically for the Packers?

However, with Rodgers, the franchise would lose not only its most recognizable face, but still by far its best player. Designated successor Jordan Love has been on the squad since 2020 and could learn a lot from Rodgers, but experience in an NFL game is something else entirely. And here Love does not yet have much to show.

The departure of a long-time quarterback is a turning point for any NFL franchise, especially one that has shaped an era as Rodgers has. There is a real danger that the Packers could slip into mediocrity for the time being.

Did Rodgers even consider ending his career?

At least he thought about his future in a bizarre experiment in February. For four days he locked himself in a dark room, without contact with the outside world, and sought an answer to that very question. It was about “just sitting there in isolation, meditating and coming to terms with your thoughts”, Rodgers said.

At the end of that process, however, the decision was made that he wanted to continue his career.

Why the New York Jets?

The Jets have assembled a squad with playoff potential in recent years, only lacking quality at the most important position. In two years, former first-round pick Zach Wilson has yet to prove he is the long-term quarterback solution for the Jets.

With a quarterback of Aaron Rodgers’ quality, Gang Green would be a possible Super Bowl contender in one fell swoop. And that makes the whole thing highly interesting for Rodgers himself. Because so far he has only won one ring in his career. Given the circumstances, the Jets probably offer him the best chance of all the available teams to make another run at the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Why hasn’t the trade gone through by now then?

Even though the Packers are planning for the future without Rodgers, they obviously want decent value in a trade. According to “ProFootballTalk,” the Packers are asking for at least a first-round pick, plus another pick in the 2025 draft, in case Rodgers is still playing in 2024. But that is said to be too much for the Jets.

What happens if there is no deal?

Both parties still have time to come to an agreement. Since the Packers would logically want (a) pick(s) in this year’s draft if they have a bye this offseason, its April 27 start date is the natural deadline. A trade after that wouldn’t make too much sense for the Packers, but would still be possible in principle.

The case is difficult for the Packers in that there is no upside to being stubborn in negotiations. Either Rodgers then stays with the Packers, plays the next season against the actual will of all parties involved and collects his princely salary of 60 million dollars, with no guarantee of success. And he blocks Jordan Love from playing another year.

Or else he resigns, the Packers lose their quarterback without compensation and he remains on the books with a dead cap. Either way, the Packers would lose. That’s why it’s likely that a deal will be reached. Because Rodgers and the Jets are in the driver’s seat.

Is Rodgers already planning his time with the Jets?

And how he does! In the course of his talks with the Jets, he reportedly presented the front office there with a wish list of players he would love to play with. And the Jets are apparently working through it.

The transfer of wide receiver Allen Lazard to New York has been completed, and other Rodgers companions such as Mercedes Lewis or Randall Cobb are being traded. Odell Beckham Jr. is also said to be on the list and the Jets are said to be showing interest in a complete surprise.

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