Coronavirus: Sean Payton is healthy again

Breathe a sigh of relief with the head coach of the New Orleans Saints. Sean Payton has reportedly survived his coronvirus disease. He called for the pandemic to be taken seriously and chose an oblique comparison.

Sean Payton has done it. The head coach of the New Orleans Saints is healthy again after his coronavirus infection. Payton revealed this in a radio interview.

“I’m fine. I got a clean bill of health on Tuesday,” Payton told WWL Radio. “It was quite a process. You spend a lot of time trying to learn as much as you can about it. And we see a lot of it on the news all day long.”

Test result took three days
Payton had tested positive for the coronavirus last week, after feeling symptoms on March 15 and getting tested the following day.

“I fell slightly ill with a bit of a fever the day before last Sunday. It was worse on Monday morning, so I decided to have a test. The result took three days, during which time the fever rose slightly but steadily,” Payton said.

“Imagine everyone carrying a hand grenade”
Payton also revealed how he spent his time in quarantine: “I haven’t had a fever for a few days. I feel much better, but unfortunately I haven’t lost my appetite during this time. And you watch a lot of Netflix and then you go on Twitter and you see that everybody else watches the same shows.”

Payton also called for the corona virus to be taken seriously, with a somewhat odd comparison. “Just imagine that everybody has a hand grenade with them – what do you think about that? So just stay away from everyone else.”

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