Carolina Panthers: Will No. 1 pick Bryce Young have to get in line behind Andy Dalton?

The Carolina Panthers took one of the most promising quarterback prospects of his year in this year’s draft in Bryce Young. But will the No. 1 pick have to wait in line behind veteran Andy Dalton?

Could Bryce Youg face a backup role in Carolina?

With the Panthers he will have to fight with veteran Andy Dalton for the starting job, who currently still seems to have the edge.

Head coach Frank Reich announced that the 35-year-old Dalton will get first-team reps and snaps for the time being.

So is he ahead of the young playmaker in the quarterback rankings?

Young gets enough time

Probably not. Although the No. 1 pick has to line up behind Dalton for the time being and will get second-team drills at training camp, Reich already indicated that Young should be introduced to everything slowly first.

Accordingly, the coaching staff is still waiting for the right time to make the switch. But until then, they are taking “all the time in the world” to get Young up to operating temperature.

Reich also added that Young will get “a lot more” reps and drills – possibly even more than Dalton because he is the “new guy”.

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