NFL insider: Saudi Arabia could buy team

Is Saudi Arabia getting into the NFL? After Saudi commitments to Newcastle United and professional golf, one NFL expert thinks it’s possible

Saudi Arabia’s ambitions in professional sports don’t stop at the NFL.

At least that’s what football reporter Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated believes: “While I don’t think they’ll launch an entire league, I don’t think it’s out of the question that they could one day bid on an NFL team and maybe buy one. “

NFL team in Arab hands “quite a hammer “

The country’s investment fund already owns English Premier League club Newcastle United and the LIV Golf Tour, which is now merging with the PGA Tour. “They put endless amounts of money into sports, and few investments in any sport in the world are as safe as buying an NFL team,” says Breer.

For Saudi Arabia, he believes an NFL entry would be a “good business move” that would “undoubtedly give the country the power and prestige effect it is seeking with its investments”. Owning a popular US sports team would be “quite a bummer”.

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