NFL – Ex-Rams star Aaron Donald opens up: “Hated playing against him”

Aaron Donald is a future Hall of Famer. In a podcast, he now reveals who he hated playing against. Fearful opponent is also a potential Hall of Famer

It is often said: “Greatness recognizes greatness”. In Aaron Donald, a future Hall of Famer has now revealed who he hated playing against in the NFL.

Donald ended his career with the Los Angeles Rams around a month ago. He played ten seasons for the franchise and was one of the most feared defensive players in the league right from the start.

The O-linemen smashed into him time and time again and he broke through to the opposing quarterback. There were often two or even three men on the 32-year-old.

But even for the star defensive tackle, there were games in which he hardly got a chance. As Donald revealed in the “Green Light with Chris Long” podcast, he particularly detested playing against the Philadelphia Eagles.

The reason had a name: Jason Kelce.

“I hated playing against Philly and Kelce. That little fat*ck was always on the move,” Donald said of the Eagles’ longtime top center.

“As soon as he snapped the ball, he took off running. I always thought to myself, ‘Bro, you’ve got good guards, let them do their job, you don’t have to help them out every time.’ But he didn’t let you mess up the game,” Donald said, praising Kelce in his own unique way.

Donald: “… then that was it “

Donald added that Kelce’s omnipresence was a big problem for his game: “Whenever I played against the Eagles, I only had one or two one-on-one situations. If I didn’t take those chances, that was it. You were only left in one-on-two or one-on-three situations.”

Like Donald, Kelce will probably be a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame one day. The brother of Travis – the Kansas City Chiefs’ star tight end who is two years older – officially ended his NFL career a few days before Donald.

Like Donald, he also stayed with the same franchise for his entire NFL career. He played for the Eagles from 2011 to 2023.

Now the ex-star center is appearing at WrestleMania, among other events. He recently came to the aid of wrestling legend Rey Mysterio

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