Aaron Rodgers: Spiritual retreat for the future in the NFL

What’s next for Aaron Rodgers in the NFL? The quarterback wants to find an answer to the question on a spiritual retreat while finding himself.

Exactly how Tom Brady came to his decision to retire, we don’t know. We only know how he announced it: alone on the beach. The “GOAT” has not said much about the specific decision-making process.

In the case of Aaron Rodgers, we already know the circumstances surrounding his decision on his sporting future. Alone in the dark, and for four days and nights.

No joke: the Green Bay Packers quarterback locks himself away, just him and the darkness in a small house and the thoughts of whether and how it should continue for him in the NFL.

Aaron Rodgers plans “darkness retreat “

He called it a “darkness retreat” on the “Pat McAffee Show.” In other words, a spiritual rest. After the Super Bowl, he plans to embark on the self-discovery journey.

“I have a number of friends who have done it, and they’ve had profound experiences,” said Rodgers, who stressed he doesn’t even know if he’ll continue playing in 2023. “So I think it will be important to step back and think about all things to do with my future,” Rodgers said.

So we can look forward to seeing how profound his experience will be and what the decision will eventually be.

Lately, there had been numerous rumours that Rodgers can take on his trip.

He had already ruled out the San Francisco 49ers as a possible new job, while the close circle of candidates includes the New York Jets and the Las Vegas Raiders. Here, his ex-teammate Davante Adams stands out as a persistent booster. And the Packers are also among them, because his contract with his long-time team still runs.

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