Sean Payton at the Denver Broncos: A new sheriff is in town

The Denver Broncos are ringing in a new era with the signing of Sean Payton as their new head coach. In his inaugural address, the 59-year-old hinted that some players are in for some sensitive changes as the franchise realigns.

The Denver Broncos are ringing in a new era with the signing of Sean Payton as their new head coach.

Despite horrendous spending on desired quarterback Russell Wilson, the playoffs were missed by a wide margin. Under the long-time coach of the New Orleans Saints, however, the final change towards a Super Bowl contender is now to be completed.

Accordingly, there will be many changes within the organisation in the coming months. Fundamental new points of irritation due to the change in the coaching position, but also some central points that go hand in hand with the 59-year-old’s management style.

It would be presumptuous at this point to suggest that under Payton’s predecessor Nathaniel Hackett, good humour and the best possible feeling for all concerned were the order of the day ahead of some other benchmarks. But the hard line was at least not taken under Hackett – as far as the outside world could tell.

Denver Broncos: Head coach Sean Payton ushers in new era

With the beginning of the Payton era, a completely different wind is now blowing in Colorado.

And the coach makes this unmistakably clear: “One element is discipline. Another element is toughness, and that’s not for everyone,” Payton is quoted as saying by “ESPN”.

Payton’s reputation as a winning coach precedes him, and he has the perspective to turn a franchise around and build it into a title contender. Establishing a stricter, tougher culture within the franchise, which will undoubtedly weed out some players in the process, inevitably goes hand in hand with that philosophy.

And this inevitably includes the interaction on the franchise’s premises and the training procedures themselves. Symptomatically, this rethinking also begins with Payton’s new starting quarterback Russell Wilson. The latter had enjoyed working with a private coach during his first season with the Broncos on the club’s campus.

“I’m not very familiar with that. It’s foreign to me. But one thing is clear: that’s not going to happen. Our staff is going to be here, our players are going to be here and that’s it,” Payton made unequivocally clear the importance of the day-to-day work at the team facility.

Denver Broncos: Russell Wilson continues to be the hope

After the first big pipebomb in the direction of the team, Payton then appeared conciliatory and thoroughly optimistic.

Payton emphasised that Wilson’s six touchdowns in the last two games of the regular season are “a little bit more of what we expected and what we’ve gotten used to.”

Accordingly, the new Broncos coach sees great potential in his 34-year-old playmaker even after a disappointing season for all sides.

The fact that Wilson has to look at himself in sporting terms after this season is on another side. But Payton sees clear potential for improvement in playcalling to make life easier for the quarterback.

Asked specifically by members of the media present what he has learned over the years in terms of managing the Broncos’ game clock – an area predecessor Hackett notoriously struggled with, resulting in massive mistakes over the season – Payton replied dryly but with appropriate emphasis.

“I don’t expect viewers to have to count down the 30-second clock. “

Sean Payton wants to lead Denver Broncos back to old glory

Either way, a Herculean task lies ahead for the Super Bowl-winning coach from the 2009 season.

For Payton and the coaching staff, the early lessons learned from such a disappointing past few months in Denver mean that the player personnel and as well as the offensive system must be much more attuned to the strengths and weaknesses of their quarterback.

“None of us want to be a song in a karaoke bar that we don’t know the words to,” Payton said meaningfully of his plan with Wilson.

In general, though, the line of march under Payton is clear. After finishing fourth in the AFC West and a record of 5-12, no minor improvements are the goal. The next Super Bowl win is on the line, and with Wilson.

“No coach has ever won a Super Bowl with two different teams. It’s 2023, it’s never happened before. A couple of coaches have gone to the Super Bowl with two teams, but no one has won a Super Bowl with two different teams. I like that kind of thing,” Payton is quoted as dreaming by “9News”.

Announcement end. The Broncos’ players are not explicitly warned of a possible reign of terror beginning, but they should prepare in advance for some basic changes.

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