Pittsburgh Steelers – Kenny Picketts reveals hands were too small for some teams

In a podcast, Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett revealed that some teams found his hands too small and those teams didn’t have him on their draft board.

With the 20th pick, the Pittsburgh Steelers selected quarterback Kenny Pickett in the 2022 draft. Even before the talent was drafted, there were reports that some teams were sceptical about the hand size of the now 24-year-old.

Pickett has now confirmed this on the “Footbahlin with Ben Roethlisberger” podcast, revealing that some teams would definitely not have selected him for that reason.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Pickett even slept with splint

“There were teams that said, ‘If you’re not at nine inches, you’re just off the board.’ And those teams were high,” Pickett reports, referring to their draft position in the first round. The playmaker himself says he did everything he could to be selected as early as possible.

To do so, he even slept with a splint that was supposed to stretch his hands and thus make them bigger. The plan worked, but Pickett still didn’t get to nine inches.

Pittsburgh Steelers: Kenny Pickett with mixed first season

“I did some drills […] I tried everything I could. I’ve been sleeping with a splint to stretch my hand. I do whatever it takes,” the quarterback told “The Pivot” podcast less than a month ago.

In his debut season, Pickett experienced ups and downs. In his debut as a starter, he lost 38-3 to the Buffalo Bills and led head coach Mike Tomlin’s team to seven wins and six losses.

In the coming season, Pickett is likely to be the number one starter despite Mitch Trubisky’s contract extension.

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