New York Jets: Robert Saleh reckons with Aaron Rodgers next season

After Aaron Rodgers’ retirement, the New York Jets’ season is already over for many experts and fans before it even started. Head coach Robert Saleh, however, wants nothing to do with it.

On Tuesday morning, the New York Jets received final confirmation of what everyone already knew:

Aaron Rodgers’ season is over after just four plays, with a torn left Achilles tendon.

“As you can imagine, he’s devastated,” said head coach Robert Saleh.

On future questions, Saleh wanted to keep a low profile but said, “I’d be surprised if this is the end of his career.

At the same time, the defensive specialist is giving his protégé time to think. “He has a lot on his mind right now. I’m not going to pester him with questions about his future right now.”

Annoyed, Saleh was told by some pundits and fans who have already written off the Jets. “I don’t know why people are already writing an obituary on our team now,” the 44-year-old said.

He’s pinning all his hopes on Zach Wilson. The 2021 first round pick took over against the Buffalo Bills and led his team to a 22-16 win after overtime with a solid performance.

Saleh isn’t writing off his team just yet

“He’s our quarterback. There is no discussion at all,” Saleh clarified. Nor is a new player being brought in to possibly compete for the position of first playmaker. “This is his team now and we’ll move on with that. We believe in him.”

Against the Dallas Cowboys in week two, Wilson will start with that – and have to hold his own against the best defence from week one.

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