Los Angeles Chargers call for playoff revolution: Division winners could lose home field rights

Will division winners lose their home field in the Wild Card Round of the NFL playoffs in the future? According to a proposal from the Los Angeles Chargers, that’s what will happen in the future if…

The Los Angeles Chargers have submitted a proposal to change NFL rules, according to a report by “NBC Sports”. According to the report, it is particularly about reaching the playoffs.

In future, the division winners should not always host the games in the Wild Card Round. Until now, the first-placed teams in each division have home rights in the Wild Card Round – whether they have a positive or negative record is irrelevant.

Division winners lose their home right if…

According to the Chargers’ proposal, this is exactly what is about to change. In the future, teams that made it to the Wild Card Round as non-winners of a division would be ranked higher than division winners if…

…the division winners have a negative record…

..and the other team in the Wild Cards had at least four more wins than the division winner.

Dallas Cowboys would have benefited from Chargers proposal

This scenario would have actually happened in a case last season. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the NFC South with a record of 8-9 and were seeded 4th in the playoffs.

The Dallas Cowboys, meanwhile, had a record of 12-5 but were seeded 5th because they did not enter the playoffs as division winners. So when the two teams met in the Wild Card Round, the Buccaneers had home field advantage.

Proposal needs approval of 24 NFL teams

Under the Chargers’ proposal, however, the Bucs would have been seeded 5th and the Cowboys would have been seeded 4th because of their four more wins and the Bucs’ negative record.That would have put the game in Dallas.

All 32 NFL teams will now listen to this proposal and then vote. 24 yes votes are needed for the proposal to be implemented.

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