Kansas City Chiefs: Head coach Andy Reid beckons record contract

From next season, Andy Reid is set to become the highest-paid coach in the NFL. The statistics prove his exceptional position

Andy Reid is one of the most successful coaches in NFL history. Now he is also set to become the highest-paid coach in the league.

As “CBS” reports with reference to “NFL Network”, the Kansas City Chiefs and their head coach are currently working on a new contract that could set standards for the future.

According to the report, the Chiefs will pay 15 million dollars a year to keep their successful coach.

Even though coaching contracts are not made public in the NFL, it is highly unlikely that such a sum has ever been paid for a head coach before.

It is no coincidence that Andy Reid is now to be awarded this record deal. After all, the 65-year-old with the distinctive moustache has not only just won the Super Bowl for the third time with the Chiefs.

Reid is also regarded as a proven motivator who always manages to unite the most diverse characters in a team and to get them committed to the big goal every year.

The statistics also show him to be one of the greatest coaches ever to have worked in the league.

Only Bill Belichick (31) currently has more playoff wins than Reid (26). Both are also the only head coaches in the NFL to have more than 200 wins and at least three Super Bowl triumphs on their CV.

In Reid’s case, these record numbers will probably soon lead to a new record contract

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