Kansas City Chiefs: 80-million new signing Taylor off to difficult start

Jawaan Taylor signs an 80-million contract with the Chiefs in the offseason. But his start in Kansas City might have been different.

Already in the season-opening loss to the Detroit Lions, Taylor attracted negative attention when he lined up outside the line of scrimmage several times and moved too early on several plays.

Although the right tackle was not penalised for this in week one, the referees seemed to have had the 25-year-old “on their mind” in week two.

In the Kansas City Chiefs’ 17-9 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars, Taylor caused a total of five penalties: two false starts, once an illegal formation and two holding penalties.

In the third quarter of the game, after being responsible for two penalties in three plays, Chiefs head coach Andy Reid removed the former Jaguars player from the game for the remainder of the drive.

“I took him out of the game for a couple of plays. This is his home – not only his home, but where he played,” Reid explained after the game, suggesting that Taylor’s performance also had to do with his “homecoming” to Jacksonville.

Still, Reid also had words of praise for the right tackle: “He had some big blocks later in the game. So he did a good job. “

9 months ago
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