Indianapolis Colts: Austrian tackle Bernhard Raimann a promise for the future

Austrian Bernhard Raimann has been playing for the Indianapolis Colts in the NFL since this season. There, the Austrian is supposed to protect his quarterback Matt Ryan. He made a good impression on the first day of the game.

Indianapolis/Munich – Bernhard Raimann has one important task at the Indianapolis Colts: The rookie is supposed to protect his quarterback Matt Ryan. As an offensive lineman, it’s always about having the playmaker’s back, giving him the time he needs to score as many points as possible.

In his first regular-season game in the NFL, the Austrian promptly showed a good performance. With a total of 16 snaps, the left tackle was allowed to get used to the NFL level and was on the field in 17 percent of all offensive plays of the Colts. More than some experts expected.

His start in the league, however, was rather curious. In the Colts’ season opener against the Houston Texans, the game ended in a tie (20-20) despite an overtime.

NFL: Colts tackle Reimann as future promise

The 24-year-old was highly touted by many experts as a potential diamond in the rough before the draft. As a future franchise left tackle, the Colts subsequently selected him as the third of their eight draft picks, and now the rookie is getting the time he needs to develop.

Already in training camp, the Burglese played snaps in the first and second offensive line. Behind the experienced Matt Pryor he was allowed to learn and at the same time fought for the starter position as a left tackle.

He was consistently ranked second behind Pryor on the Colts’ preseason depth chart, which also saw him start the first regular-season game.

Indianapolis Colts: Rookie Reimann to become long-term franchise starter

The Colts also have Raimann listed there ahead of their second game of the season against the Jacksonville Jaguars. But that the rookie from the University of Central Michigan is the starter’s primary backup shows the potential the franchise sees in him.

Head coach Frank Reich announced after the game against the Texans that he will continue to rotate the O-line. Raimann’s playing time should therefore be assured in the coming weeks.

And after all, a lot can happen quickly in the NFL: Injuries, rotations due to improved practice performances and other imponderables are the order of the day.

So if he doesn’t get hurt, the Austrian may be in for more and more playing time. The Colts will give their diamond in the rough the time to develop into a long-term starter.

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